Limited edition 300gsm archival digital prints

Only review thumbnails will be downloaded upon request

All prints are numbered, signed, identified, dated and made to order

Provenance: Only prints purchased from Rock and Roll Icons,

Morrison Hotel Gallery, Modern Rocks or Analogue Gallery are authentic.

  • 11x14 print - open editions- exceptions below
  • 11x14 prints $600.00 ed. of 50(from #1-5) price increase #6  as follows:
  •   Deborah Harry 1 08-78, Queen Freddie Mercury 1982 (portrait), Micheal Jackson (bw), Springsteen 1978(crowd), 1981 (crowd), 1984 1
  •   Jerry Garcia 1 1977, Van Halen-DLR Amplifier, Bob Marley 1-1978, Ray Charles 1 col
  • 16x20 print - $900.00 ed.of 25 (from #1-5) price increase #6 -some exceptions (Springsteen 1978, 1981)
  • 20x24 print - $1500.00 ed.of 25 (from #1-5) price increase #6 - some exceptions (Springsteen 1978, 1981)
  • 24x30 print - $2000.00 ed.of 25 (from #1-3) price increase #4 - some exceptions (Springsteen 1978, 1981)

Print sizes listed are media dimensions.

Actual image size varies depending on original crop and film format.

Not all images are suitable for extreme enlargement.

Additional sizes available upon request.

All photographs are made from high resolution scans of the original negatives or transparencies

Fiber based prints from the original black and white negatives are available at additional cost.

Photographs are offered as fine art to collectors and for rights-managed editorial license.

Feel free to contact us to see expanded selections of existing work and additional bands.

No commercial endorsement by the artists or photographer is implied or given.

Inquiries regarding editorial and album art stock licensing are welcome.

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